Six Considerations When You’re Getting Your Child Ready For Kindergarten Enrollment

12 October 2021
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Beginning kindergarten studies is a big transition for a young child. If you're getting ready to enroll your child in kindergarten, there are some important considerations you need to take into account to be sure that the transition will go well. The following are six considerations when you're getting your child ready for kindergarten enrollment.  Your child's readiness for kindergarten Probably the most important consideration when making a decision on kindergarten enrollment is whether your child is ready. Read More 

Prepare To Open Your Home-Based Childcare Business

28 October 2020
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A licensed caregiver who will be monitoring young children in their home may be required to complete a first aid course. A first aid class will cover some lifesaving skills, allowing you to confidently assess and treat the condition of a child who is sick, injured, or showing signs of distress. Videos And Examples Sign up for a first aid class that is geared toward people who work in the childcare industry. Read More 

Does Your Child Dislike Going To Daycare? 3 Reasons Why A Switch To Montessori Learning Can Change Their Mind

13 July 2020
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For many families, going to a childcare program isn't a choice since parents often need to work. You may also know that attending early learning programs is essential for your child's growth and development. While you understand the benefits of going to a group setting each day, your child may be less than thrilled. Children often find certain types of daycare programs to be less than hospitable to their needs, and your child may need a change to help them find joy in learning. Read More 

Recommend Some Positive Podcasts To Those Going Through These Issues

29 September 2018
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It can be difficult to watch someone you care about struggling with an issue in his or her life. While you may want to intervene in an effort to help, you might have no idea about where to start. Some people are more open to getting help than others, and if you get this vibe from your family member or friend, you may have an opportunity to help this person move forward. Read More 

4 Reasons To Make First Aid Classes A Family Affair

26 November 2017
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Taking first aid classes can be rewarding for individuals. Going to first aid classes as a family can be even better. Your spouse, older kids and teens, and even senior parents may get a lot out of going to first aid classes. Here are four reasons of many that your family can benefit from first aid training. Sense of Empowerment to Save Lives As you and your family members progress in first aid classes, you will learn how to literally save lives. Read More